The Art of Leadership Program takes a cohort of leaders through six months of workshops, coaching and practice in the fundamental skills that they need to be highly effective now, and that set a strong foundation for their future.

I coach emerging and established leaders in the tech world every day. In my operational career, I spent twenty years as an engineer, manager and executive in successful software startups.

The Program focusses on the skillsets that regularly show up in my coaching practice as foundational for Director and Executive level leadership.

The Goal is to greatly accelerate the growth that happens naturally, but haphazardly and slowly, in a leadership position. The end result is a cohort of leaders who are fluent in a set of fundamental tools and techniques, who share a common language of leadership, and who can be radically more effective now, and into the future.


One workshop per month (2-4 hours), on the following topics, for six months. Work continues between workshops with a mobile app facilitating homework, preparation and mentoring.


Each workshop, and follow-on set of homework, is built on two fundamentals: Emotional Intelligence, and Practical Tools. The two approaches work together: the Practical Tools suggest mechanisms, Emotional Intelligence builds the skills necessary to make the tools work.


Leadership is about people. The Emotional Intelligence model is foundational in providing an understanding of the self and relationships to other people at work.

The Program devotes a workshop and a month’s practice to the Emotional Intelligence model, and then returns to it in each subsequent workshop, looking at how Emotional Intelligence underlies every area of a Leader’s work.


The cohort is expected to leave each workshop with a set of language around a topic, a collection of practical tools they can use, and experience in practicing with those tools.

The tools are selected from a wide body of material and are usually the simplest possible ones that work!

They are designed to be practiced, remembered and used.


Learning happens through repetition, the experience of practice in real work situations, and “social learning” in community. The Program is supported by a micro-learning app which supports “classic” learning in the workshops in preparation, practice and community between workshops.


Short video lessons, reading and light- weight tests are available before the workshops, so learners start with familiarity with the material.


Between workshops, learners keep in touch with each other through the app, or Slack, so can share their experiences work with new approaches.


Each workshop ends with “homework” assignments, which are set up as further, trackable, “micro- courses” in the app.


I’m a leader, mentor and coach with over twenty years of experience in fast-moving software startups.
Three became successful public companies, and fourth sold for $250M+

My experience covers everything from being one of “three guys in a room” to an officer of a public company. (And a traveling surf bum, barely capable yoga student, skilled improv performer, and twenty-five year student of meditation).

I coach leaders of all kinds (CEOs, CTOs, Engineers, Sales, Marketing) in rapidly-growing tech companies in San Francisco and the Bay Area, from seed-size to “unicorns”.

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