My Coaching Style and Approach

What is nockdoor?

Nockdoor is Singapore's first property platform that matches you with a specialised geographic agent that only charges 1% commission. These agents are top producers in agencies such as Propnex, Huttons & ERA.

What do you mean geographic specialists?

Our team is across Singapore and each agent specialises in a specific district. For example, In our Punggol HDB team, we have 4 agents across 3 agencies and every week they are closing multiple units. When a new home in Punggol is for sale, the Punggol agents work together with your dedicated agent and "push" your unit out. This network effect is why we can sell houses faster and at a higher price for you

How are you able to charge so low?

Because of our geographic specialist model across different agencies, our agents are able to sell your home very fast and are more efficient than other single agents. Our agents are supported by a full team of professional photographers, digital marketers, administrators so they can focus on serving you. This business model design and support system allows us to have economies of scale & we transfer the savings to you.

What next?

Sign up below and leave us your information, our customer service team will contact you shortly thereafter to find the best agent for you

Do I get a dedicated full service agent?

Of course! You get one agent that is fully focused on you and that agent is a specialist in your area with a strong track record.

Engagements and Sessions

What would an engagement structure look like?

Typically, I engage with my clients fox six to eight months (we shoot for six, but often end up taking a little longer). We start by generating a goals document - this can take anywhere from two to four sessions. In parallel, I do a 360, talking to roughly ten people who the client recommends. We then review the 360, merging any findings into the goals document and finalizing what we are shooting for in the engagement. If required, we review the goals document with stake-holders: manager, HRBP or VP People, Board members, to ensure alignment and accountability. Then we’re off and running for five to six months, using the goals document to adjust our direction, and completing with a final review with stake-holders. This engagement structure is a template, not a rule-book. There is plenty of room for longer, shorter, more or less intense engagements.

Do you extend engagements?

I do find, particularly in organizations that are growing very quickly, that it’s often helpful to extend the engagement for an additional six months or longer: by the time we've finished the initial engagement, the organization has grown to a new state, and my client has new challenges to deal with.

What is the cadence for sessions?

I find the right balance to be every two weeks. This gives you, the client, enough time to absorb the previous session and practice (important!) the tools we introduced before coming back for more. If things get intense, we can meet more frequently, and I am available for email and quick chats between sessions. I don’t like leaving sessions for a month or longer, but it happens. If it happens frequently, we'll need to adjust.

How long is a session and is it in person or remote?

I work in person, at your office, in San Francisco, and occasionally Silicon Valley. About twenty percent of my clients at any given time are remote or partially remote (Seattle, India) - video works well. Our sessions can be anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes. Some clients get value from the longer sessions, some prefer the compressed time of 45 minutes.

Do I have to do the homework?

Well, yes, practice is fundamental. If you do it, there’s a strong likelihood you’ll make some fundamental changes pretty quickly. If you don’t, well, less so. Sometimes the homework means trying something new in every meeting. Sometimes it’s a simple reflection. The more intensely you practice, the greater the likelihood of real change.



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