I work with CEOs, Founders, technical and executive leaders in tech companies that are scaling fast.


Many (but not all!) of my clients have a strong technical or product background. Some are founders, taking on a serious leadership role for the first time. Some are seasoned managers stepping up into executive positions. Some are "super ICs" whos technical expertise makes them de-facto leaders, whether they have the CTO title or not.


All my clients are looking to really master the jobs they have, and scale themselves so they are ready to confidently take on new challenges as the organization grows.

I like my clients! They are focussed, dedicated, motivated and highly creative.  It's a joy and a privilege to help them grow.

Jon Sadow, Founder, Scoop

I worked with Joe at a critical juncture in our growth at Scoop. He was able to very quickly dig deep and challenge me to make transformational changes to my approach to leadership and collaborating with key partners on our team. 


I highly recommend Joe and think he's one of the best coaches in the valley.

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     San Francisco, CA.


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