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I work with CEOs, Founders, technical and executive leaders in tech companies that are scaling fast.


Many (but not all!) of my clients have a strong technical or product background. Some are founders, taking on a serious leadership role for the first time. Some are seasoned managers stepping up into executive positions. Some are "super ICs" whos technical expertise makes them de-facto leaders, whether they have the CTO title or not.


All my clients are looking to really master the jobs they have, and scale themselves so they are ready to confidently take on new challenges as the organization grows.

I like my clients! They are focussed, dedicated, motivated and highly creative.  It's a joy and a privilege to help them grow.

Larry Gadea, CEO Envoy

I’ve loved working with Joe. I know that I can always count on him when having any form of management questions or ‘is this normal’ scenarios that come in my Founder/CEO position at Envoy.


I’d definitely recommend anybody going through extreme company growth to consider him — he’ll just make it that much easier!

Tido Carriero, Chief Product Development Officer,  Segment

I worked with Joe as I began my VP Eng role at Segment. He was incredibly helpful in solving some of the most challenging problems I was facing — building an engineering brand, scaling my leadership skills, becoming a better exec teammate, etc.


If you get a chance to work with him, you should do it!

Scott Gifis, President, AdRoll AdRoll Group

Joe’s mentorship was transformative for me during an important and challenging transition in my career. I have trouble imagining having navigated that period without Joe’s advice and practical tools.


If you are fortunate enough to have an opportunity to work with and learn from Joe, seize it... you will be better for it, professionally and personally.

Jon Sadow, Founder, Scoop

I worked with Joe at a critical juncture in our growth at Scoop. He was able to very quickly dig deep and challenge me to make transformational changes to my approach to leadership and collaborating with key partners on our team. 


I highly recommend Joe and think he's one of the best coaches in the valley.

Hollie Wegman, VP Marketing, Segment

As an experienced Marketing exec, Joe was a joy to work with. He challenged me in my role, pushed me to extend my influence on exec staff and grow.


I would strongly recommend him as a coach if you are looking to scale your executive presence and leadership.

Valentino Volonghi, CTO at AdRoll

Over a few months Joe has helped me significantly improve the way I communicate and influence the rest of the organization.This also had the side effect of helping me become a much better coach for my team.

Ludo Antonov, Head of Growth Engineering at Lyft

 Joe is very direct and also can quickly triangulate what is the need and how to shift into the right frameworks and ways of coaching to elicit fast results. My growth in that time period was tremendous and so many of the lessons I've learned from Joe I apply on day to day basis to myself and my directors and senior leaders. 


Overall, I strongly recommend Joe as an executive coach - he's been really transformational for my growth.

Colin Zima, Chief Analytics Officer, VP Product at Looker

I worked with Joe as my position at Looker scaled and expanded. His deep operational knowledge of startups combined with a direct but supportive coaching style helped me to ask some questions and explore approaches that I wouldn't have able to on my own, and ultimately made me a better teammate and leader.


I strongly recommend working with him!

Jean-Denis Greze, Head of Engineering, Plaid

My growth as a leader has benefited tremendously from Joe's coaching.


I recommend Joe to leaders of any level who want to make a step function change in their leadership capabilities.

Peter Kim, VP Sales, Relativity

I've historically been critical and skeptical of executive coaches and the impact they can actually have. 

I can honestly say that my experience with him completely reframed my understanding of what kind of growth and development is possible when facilitated by a great coach. 

David Rubin, Chief Marketing Officer, The New York Times

Joe has a great combination of deep product and engineering experience coupled with a coach's emotional intelligence and ability to ask the right question. This unique cocktail made him great at helping someone like me who was transitioning into a tech culture for the first time.

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