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High-growth Leadership

Building a high-growth company is one of the most exhilerating things you can do with your career.

I can be a time of tremendous personal and professional growth.

Are you learning fast enough? Are you ready for the next phase?

It helps to have a guide.


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Who I Am

I’m a leader, a mentor and coach with over twenty years of experience in fast-moving software startups.

I have worked at all phases of growth, from being one of “three guys in a room”,  to being an officer of a public company.

I was a key early member of three startups that became successful public companies, and a fourth that was sold for $250M+.

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What I Do

Why I Do It

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I love the moments when it all clicks. When leadership, teamwork and creativity come together to build something great. When people are working above the best they could imagine. When a vision suddenly becomes attainable.

I want to help you get there.


My entire career has been as an early employee in startups.

I have been through exponential growth, public offerings, soaring stock prices, downturns, initiated complete company "pivots", shipped some great products and built multiple organizations from scratch.

Whatever phase you and your organization are in, I've been there.



I have routinely taken time away from the industry, and built skill that provide helpful perspectives from outside the cube and conference room:

  • meditation and mindfulness: a twenty year practice

  • yoga: a fifteen year practice

  • improv: a twenty year practice

  • writing and performing: a ten year practice

  • surfing: a twenty year practice


When these skills meet practical considerations of tactics, they can provide powerful insights in your growth as an executive (improv for public speaking, mindfulness for clarity, yoga for concentration and focus, for example).

My clients are typically founders, executives and technical leaders who want to grow themselves, their organizations and their companies.

I meet my clients where they are, working on everything from the day to day mechanics of great management (hiring, communication, organizational change), to the fundamental personal patterns that may need investigating and changing to drive the next level of success.

My goal is to have my clients master the skills they need to lead the building of great products, companies and cultures.

VP and SVP Engineering and Products at Macromedia from scrappy startup to successful IPO and beyond.

Started, eventually sold to MTV networks for $250M+.

Early engineering and management career at Acorn Computers (IPO, exists now as ARM Ltd), and Frame Technology (IPO).

More recently I have raised a kid in San Francisco, surfed all over the world and advised, mentored and coached dozens of startups



Jean-Denis Greze, Head of Engineering, Plaid

My growth as a leader has benefited tremendously from Joe's coaching.


I recommend Joe to leaders of any level who want to make a step function change in their leadership capabilities.

Colin Zima, Chief Analytics Officer, VP Product, Looker

I worked with Joe as my position at Looker scaled and expanded.


His deep operational knowledge of startups combined with a direct but supportive coaching style helped me to ask some questions and explore approaches that I wouldn't have able to on my own, and ultimately made me a better teammate and leader. I strongly recommend working with him! 

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