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Your company is scaling. Master the tools you need to grow your own personal leadership along with it.

You've been successful. Your group is growing, and fast. What's next? What do you need?

You need accelerators for yourself – you can’t just work more hours, or more intensely. You need to know how to scale – you need the tools and techniques that leaders in Silicon Valley have learned through experience, sweat and tears, and you need them now.

Accelerating Your Leadership is an online course based on decades of experience managing and coaching leaders in growth companies in San Francisco and world wide.

This isn’t theoretical. This is what I lived as an executive in twenty years of startups, and what I’ve coached with hundreds of leaders in the last half decade of enormous tech company growth in San Francisco.


You are managing a team in a rapidly scaling company. ​​

You know you want to build your craft as a manager. You want to master your work now, a year from now, and into the future.

You can see the challenges coming up as your job expands: hiring, managing managers, strategic thinking, managing up and and out.

You want to learn, and fast!​



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How to master your time and attention, so you can think and work strategically.

Delegation: how setting guardrails and leading with trust becomes your superpower.

How to have difficult conversation and take difficult decisions now - not putting them off until they become toxic.

How culture trumps process and how, and why to consciously build the culture you want.

How to become comfortable with giving and getting feedback, so it's an integrated, meaningful part of your style.

Much more as it comes up in interactive workshops.

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 “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”


I'm Joe Dunn.

 I joined my first startup before college, my second immediately after graduating, and never left the startup world through my operating career.

I've been through massive expansion, IPOs, difficult downturns, serious successes and some spectacular failures. If you are at any stage of growth from Series A to a public company, I've been there.

In the current phase of my working life, I coach leaders in the startup world in San Francisco, guiding them through the journey of scaling and growth.


This course is a distillation of the learning I have built around scaling: your company, and yourself as a leader.




Each week you will receive video presentations on a specific topic, readings around the topic and practice worksheets.

After your self-study during the week, we will meet in an interactive workshop for discussion and further guided practice and coaching.

The time commitment per week is up to you! I would expect that to fully cover the video presentation and reading will be a couple of hours, with the workshop being an additional hour to hour and a half.


The weekly Group Coaching Workships are an opportunity to dig deeply into the subject matter, discuss the results of practice during the week, and look at edge cases.

Each workshop will include a brief review of the weekly topic, a discussion of your experience with the topic, and interactive exercises to stretch your understanding.

The workshops will be interactive: biased towards discussion and practice, with slides kept to a minumum!



How do we learn? Practice!  Management and leadership are, above all, practical crafts, best learned by doing.

Each week the course will suggest practices to try in your daily work.

You will be encouraged to reflect on how your practice is going through the online cohort community.



The cohort for the course will be kept to a maximum of fifteen people. I very much encourage people from diverse backgrounds to be part of this experience. 

We learn better together, so connection is encouraged, through an online community specifically for this course and cohort.

I love giving feedback as the work progresses, so will be online daily checking in, helping and encouraging where i can!

Register now for the 8-week course.

The course starts October 7th 2020. I'd love to have you along! The First Cohort pricing is $1,497. Subsequent groups with be $1,947 from November on!

Questions on pricing, or anything else? Get in contact!


Each week we will spend time together discussing, investigating and practicing the topic for the week. The workshops will be interactive and biased towards discussion and practice.



  • The job is management and leadership.​ Forehand and backhand, yin and yang, energy and structure. We'll examine the difference.

  • Be conscious about when you are managing (working with concepts, ideas and models) and when you are leading (working with emotion and personal connection).

  • An introduction to the "two minds": fast and slow, emotional and rational, habitual and conscious.



  • You need time to think, to be strategic. But there are always more emails, slack messages and meetings: your calendar is a checkerboard of colored blocks from morning Monday to late Friday.

  • You will learn a simple prioritization model, but more importantly the mindset change you need to be in charge of your time and attention.

  • Need to hire so you have time to work, but don't have time to hire?  Yeah. We'll talk about that, too



  • The more you can delegate, the more you can scale - it's pretty much that simple.

  • The most successful CEO I worked with had a clean desk and worked normal hours. His secret? He delegated quickly and completely, without hedging. It looked easy - it wasn't.

  • We will look at trust, and how to set the guardrails for your team at the right level, so you are neither micro-managing, nor giving direction that is too vague to be helpful.



  • Why, and how, to set up a "Hiring Machine".

  • Understanding the time and effort a great hiring process takes.

  • How, and why, to hire against your "type" to expand your "tribe".

  • Figuring out your organizational hiring brand and how to work with it.



  • Learn how to give and get feedback (positive and negative!) consistently, quickly and effectively.

  • We will discuss a couple of feedback models, and practice using them in the workshop.

  • We will cover edge-conditions (silence, strong emotion) and how to work with them.



  • Difficult conversations are by far the most frequent topic in my coaching sessions. They're difficult!

  • Learn why we put them off, or "fluff" them, and how to approach them efficiently and directly without being obnoxious or aggressive.

  • We will discuss how to stay on track in a difficult conversation, and continue to getting alignment as much as it is available.



  • Culture evolves whether or not you consciously guide it. A great culture is an efficiency, invisibly guiding decisions and processes to the right destinations.

  • What is the culture of your group? What would you like it to be? 

  • Specific actions you can take to build and nurture culture.

  • What's hidden in your culture? Biases and unconscious cultural decisions.



  • We will review your essay or presentation on your management journey.

  • What have your learned? What is still be to worked with?

  • What practices will you be taking with you, and how will you sustain them?

  • Future reading and resources.


Jean-Denis Greze,

Head of Eng, Plaid

My growth as a leader has benefited tremendously from Joe's coaching.


I recommend Joe to leaders of any level who want to make a step function change in their leadership capabilities.

Hollie Wegman, Technology Marketing Leader

As an experienced Marketing exec, Joe was a joy to work with.  


I would strongly recommend him as a coach if you are looking to scale your executive presence and leadership.

Tido Carriero, Chief Product Development Officer at Segment

I worked with Joe as I began my VP Eng role at Segment. He was incredibly helpful in solving some of the most challenging problems I was facing.


If you get a chance to work with him, you should do it!

Larry Gadea, Founder and CEO, Envoy

I’ve loved working with Joe. I know that I can always count on him when having any form of management questions or ‘is this normal’ scenarios that come in my Founder/CEO position at Envoy.


I’d definitely recommend anybody going through extreme company growth to consider him — he’ll just make it that much easier!

Register now for the 8-week course.

The course starts October 7th 2020. I'd love to have you along! The First Cohort pricing is $1,497. Subsequent groups with be $1,947 from November on!       

Questions on pricing, or anything else? Get in contact!

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