What if your leadership could transform your work, your life and the work of everyone around you?

Transform Your Leadership

The Art of Leadership is an eight-week intensive program limited to ten participants, lead by Joe Dunn, a top Silicon Valley Executive Coach.

Who You Are

You know you’re on the leadership path. You may have stepped into managing a five person group, or found yourself leading a department of a hundred after a year or two at a rapidly scaling startup. Your title might be Manager, Director, VP, CTO - what your label is doesn’t matter as much as what you want to learn.

What You Want

You want to grow, fast, as a leader. You want to know what obstacles are lying on the path before you, and how to overcome them before they show up.

You want your team to be productive, energetic, engaged and human. You want to achieve that without sacrificing your personal lives or theirs.

You want to see and be seen. You want to be known as a leader.

You want to build a set of insight and practical knowledge that will be a solid foundation for the rest of your leadership career.

The Art of Leadership Program

Learn Before You Need It

You don’t have to stumble over obstacles that many leaders before you have overcome!

The Program provides deeply experienced insight into the issues that come up repeatedly in coaching talented, emerging and established leaders in the tech industry.  They are the hidden obstacles that are part of the path of truly mastering the Art of Leadership.


Real change happens when insight combines with repeated practice. The subtleties of using a tool, and the way in which you can make it your own, only sink in when you use it, repeatedly, in your day to day work.

After each workshop session, you will get homework in the form of worksheets and assignments. 

It’s often hard, in the heat of the moment at work, to remember what you learned in the workshops.  You will have a customized phone app so you can remind yourself instantly of the lessons you’ve learned, and allows you to record your experience and results for review.

Connect With Leaders Like You

You’re not alone!

The cohort will be linked by a Slack group and the phone app, and discussion and support between sessions will be strongly encouraged.  Your coaching leader will be on Slack to listen, help and support.



  • The difference between management (logical, cold) & leadership (empathetic, hot)

  • Building strategic view: two years, not two quarters, company/industry wide

  • Being a company level leader: having company-wide impact

  • Hiring: your highest impact function.  High-level direction



  • Master this now! It’s not going to get easier



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I’m a leader, mentor and coach with over twenty years of experience in fast-moving software startups.
Three became successful public companies, and fourth sold for $250M+

My experience covers everything from being one of “three guys in a room” to an officer of a public company. (And a traveling surf bum, barely capable yoga student, skilled improv performer, and twenty-five year student of meditation).

I coach leaders of all kinds (CEOs, CTOs, Engineers, Sales, Marketing) in rapidly-growing tech companies in San Francisco and the Bay Area, from seed-size to “unicorns”.

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